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Pro Apps & Their Uses

Intro and outro maker

Use this app to create intro and outro for different purposes using existing templates

Picsart – For creating a photo collage and combining videos and photos together.

Video compressor – Use it to compress large-size files into smaller sizes without loosing quality

Inshot – A simple-to-use video editor with many features

Viva video – A simple-to-use editor with many features

True caller – Use this to identify anybody calling you when the number is not saved.

WhatsApp Autoresponder – This app automates replies on WhatsApp without your interference. It eases reply stress

Sticker marker – Use this app to create your own unique WhatsApp stickers

All file format reader – Used for reading PDFs with other features

Background remover – Used for removing background from photos neatly

Audio editor and mixer – Used to recover, edit and mix audio files

Call recorder – Records your call without the other knowing

Social media marketing video creator – This app helps you to create attractive videos you can use to sell your products and services on social media and also for ads.

Netflix – Used in watching movies, Tv shows etc , you have to subscribe before using their pro services but you will be getting it here

Canva PRO – One of the best apps for content creators, and business owners it cost $119.99/yr (N58,500+), but you’re getting it for N2000 only also with the other apps.

Pixellab – an application used in graphics design.

Power director – One of the best video editing apps

Benime – Use this for creating whiteboard animation

Xrecorder – For a video recording of your screen (screencasting) and for taking screenshots. It has other features like editing, merging, etc.

Adobe Photoshop – This is the mobile app version of Photoshop

Kinemaster – One of the best video editing apps.

Read era – You can use it to read ebooks of different formats (pdf, epub, mobi, txt, docx)

WPS – Create and read documents like presentations, word docx, pdf, text

Adobe Lightroom – This is the mobile app version of Lightroom

Ms docx – This is the mobile version of Microsoft Office

Toon me – This helps you to turn pictures into cartoons

Hype text – For creating a beautiful effect with texts. It has over 200 text effects you can use to make your text beautiful.

Photo grid – For creating a photo collage and combining videos and photos together.

Text To Speech – This turns your text to speech with a human voice and you can download it. It can serve as a voice-over.

Epub reader – You can use it to read ebooks of different formats (pdf, epub, mobi, txt, docx)

SnapTube – Use this app to download videos and pictures from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Logo marker – Use this to easily create logos for yourself and clients with existing templates.


This is the paid version of an app that comes with all the features of the app unlocked and available to the user. Unnecessary ads will not be showing up, and the watermark brand of the app will not the there.

Smiles!, you want to keep using it till you die? anyways the answer is Yes! as long as you keep using the app version sent to you. The term “lifetime’ used here means for a long period of satisfactory time.

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If there be a case were an app gets outdated, we will try to update it as soon as possible.

Yes. As long as the new phone specifications are compatible with the app specification.

No, they are virus free modified Apps

Yes, they are Modified Apps, thereby making it free for anyone to access the pro features without paying.

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Yes, they work in every android phone, however, some of the heavy app require andriod phone of higher OS, RAM and Memory size.

Yes, we were able to source for video on how you can easily use most of the apps✅

We will refund you after 24hrs provided the apps (your 3-5 most desired apps that made you to buy) are not working in your phone, having done all necessary things. We expect that within 24hrs you must have tested and confirmed at most 3-5 apps more important to you in the list of apps.

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