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Most people can post on social media in one way or the other But when it comes to delivering quality content, that’s where many fail.

There is so many online waffle and duplicated waffle that is making your company standing out difficult.

Fortunately, the quality of this content is low, although there is a lot of noise to break through, the level is not high.

If you’re not getting engagement in terms of Comments, Shares or Likes then it’s likely your content is of low quality and you are not investing a bit of time engaging with others.


As we discussed on the phone and also during my visit with you, when it comes to YOUR BUSINESS social media page we recommend an approach that is quite different and slightly similar to what most other comedians do, namely:

      • Minimal reTweets

      • measure cover image with text

      • measure profile picture

      • thorough USP based page descriptions

      • Up to date URL links

      • Daily posts or more

      • Originally produced content with images


Live out your life.


We have helped a lot of brands in their social media sponsored and google adverts, and they have been able to record lot of success during and after the processes.

We assure you of the very best result.

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You can benefit from a finely tuned social media program called ‘Your Social Media’.

It’s designed to encourage Followers, get you Comments, Likes as well as build your reputation online. This is how you receive sales inquiries through social media.

The program is designed to position you as an expert.

If there is genuinely nothing to work with, and we feel positioning you as an expert is unethical, we’ll say so at the start and you don’t pay a penny.

Our Team of Experts


Emmanuel Amazube

Digital Marketer/Website SEO Expert

Osifuye Ebunoluwa

Lead Expert/UI/UX Designer


Rosemary Achonwa

Script Writer/Content Developer

Brands That Trust Us


The words and images and videos you use mean everything. Defining the content and delivering it with your brand voice takes shape as we envision it. We will definitely give your brand a boost.

And it costs  ₦480,000 + VAT per month.

The price above covers Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin & Tiktok.

more details in the next box.


Here’s exactly what you get:

  • A 30-minute monthly strategy session (in person/video call) with my team to review the last month and to plan the next month.
  • A concept for a 2-week or 4-week social media campaign
  • Example posts written, designed & mocked up for your approval.
  • An online proposal for next month content for your approval
  • The approved graphics are then posted on your social media pages every day.

In the planning call we’ll discuss points such as:

  • (monthly calls or weekly calls):
  • Review the previous month plan
  • The target audience
  • Your business schedule the following month.
  • New areas we can promote
  • Objectives and highlights
  • Next month special offer and points.


The best social media content is video.
Not only does Google own YouTube and heavily prioritizes its content, but video content gets over 50% more engagement than static images.

Anyone can shoot decent quality video on their smartphones these days, but with your brand there’s an added advantage as is a MEDIA FOCUSED brand, so getting video contents wouldn’t be any issue!



This is the super light version of the timeline we came up with during our strategy discussion during our visit. It’s incredibly high level but there’s a lot to each of these elements and there’s a lot that’s not mentioned.

The golden rule of social media is to test and measure. If it turns out that something unexpected happens that is producing better than expected results, it would be crazy not to milk it.

This will all be in consultation with you but we’re not going to just operate blindly and carry out this plan regardless of results.


DAYS 1 – 3

This doesn’t take long to get started.
Once you have signed our proposal and set up the monthly payment, we will arrange our initial full plan either physical or virtual.

DAYS 4 – 7

Write initial posts and send them to you for approval.
Plan the start date for our structured social media month.
Post the first content on your social media pages of your choice.


Review and plan.
Repeat what works, cut what doesn’t and reap the rewards!





Alibaba is indeed one of the most popular and most loved Nigerian comedian, he’s indeed the king of comedy as much as comedy is concerned in Nigeria. As an advanced and naturally funny man, he is loved and his content and name are never boring to both old and young, so referrals were the source of his deals and some other native advertising.

His internet-based platform had suffered due to the fact he must have seen it as something not so necessary since deals were coming in. Now it’s something he has put into consideration to create more awareness about his brand’s identity in the area of bringing up new talents in the area of entertainment and also bringing together all comedians together in Nigeria under one roof. It’s hard for any brand to survive or get visible without taking advantage of internet-based marketing, now he wants to push his brand’s activities using the internet.

The problem was, he was just funny naturally, so he didn’t see SOCIAL MEDIA so important then.

Now he’s eager to let his loyal fans hear about him again.


We agreed on a 3-month program to attract at least 10,000 new followers through a succession of daily posts, with original and fresh content that pandered to his brand’s ideal target client.

This is going to result in more engagement with other Facebook users to get his brand the attention needed for it to receive more focus and close better deals.

We’ll run the same programme on Instagram but Facebook is where we set the targets.


Alibaba will not just get the estimated figures of followers, we believe it will be higher than expected.

His posts will receive considerably more engagement now and Alibaba will get to see social media as a fun way to find new people to speak to about his brands’ offers.

After all, if you have no one to speak to about your services, where is your next sale coming from? NO WHERE.

We are sure you’d remain a client for sure when this goals are achieved through consistency in post and sponsorship adverts..



We don’t operate on big, ‘one-off’ payments; you pay monthly.
This keeps things simple for the entire duration of the deal and makes balancing your finances easy; so your never left “out of pocket”.


We have a minimum term of 6 months on all our agreements.

The reason is simple: we need your commitment for that length of time to achieve the kind of results we are both setting out to achieve.

Giving you the ability to cancel at any time means you’re not thinking long-term and as you know, that isn’t the kind of thinking that produces epic results. 

Makes sense? Happy? Then add the products you wish us to work on below.

Select What Interest You Most


Brand Visibility

  • Brand awareness/visibility is the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize a brand under different conditions. Brand awareness is one of two dimensions from brand knowledge, an associative network memory model.

Social Media Contents/Posting

  • Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

Website Blog Contents

  • A blog, short for weblog, is a frequently updated web page used for personal commentary or business content. Blogs are often interactive and include sections at the bottom of individual blog posts where readers can leave comments.


Convincing them that your products are more than worth what you charge for them is another. The higher the level of brand recognition, the less apprehensive a consumer will be about shelling out the money for what you offer.



The main platforms where this service will take place will be ,Google, nairaland, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, Instagram and some other platforms.

Blogging For Broader Reach

Blogging for business is a content marketing tactic in which a company creates content related to its product or service to improve its online visibility. But visibility isn’t the only thing you stand to gain; in fact, business blogging is so valuable that it is a top priority for 53% of marketers. This post will discuss the many benefits blogging can bring to a business and give you some tips for how to start a blog.

The benefits of blogging for business

Blogging for business can strengthen your company in these ways:

  1. Increase website traffic

  2. Drive conversions

  3. Contribute to social media efforts

  4. Build trusting client relationships

  5. Reinforce your brand

  6. Differentiate a business from its competition       

  7. Encourage engagement

Blog Post Ideas For The Brand

the use of humor in business. Laughable but serious 😃😆

We all love a good joke and a good laugh. It is entertaining and helps people to feel more connected. Funny but serious? Laughter has many health benefits, such as relaxation, stress relief, immune system endorsement, and even burning calories. That’s why I eat my favorite snacks while watching a comedy film.

Using your sense of humor (of course, if you have one) is essential for communication. It breaks the ice and keeps relationships strong. Babies can laugh as early as 17 days after birth. So people experience laughter much earlier than they start to talk. 

A sense of humor is also linked to higher IQ and better memory. The habit of having fun boosts cognitive functions and makes us even smarter. Overall, it is an all-win situation. That’s why humor is such a massive part of our lives and culture. 

It is a powerful tool that is widely used in business and marketing, content creation, and advertising campaigns.

Usage of humor in your business blog is crucial because it works outstandingly for many purposes.  

Vasy Kafidoff

Incorporating humor into a company’s strategy is a great way to build a stronger connection with the audience, attract new people, and increase brand awareness. It also works just fine for content creators, namely blog writers. Yes, like with writing a good hook, writing jokes is a bit trickier than performing them or presenting them in a visual form. Nevertheless, it still is a great way to make business more successful. 

The advantages of humor in content marketing

There are already many companies that use humor in advertising. You can probably name about 5 light-hearted humor commercials or posts you’ve seen recently. Major brands have implemented humor in their strategies, especially in digital marketing. The list is endless and includes providers of all types of services, such as Old Spice, Skittles, Wendy’s, Dollar Shave Club, etc. 

Why is it such a popular strategy? Well, just look at the benefits:

  • It helps to remember. Ads with jokes or over-the-top absurdity are more memorable than serious ones. 
  • It helps to create a brand image or make it more humanized. The audience doesn’t only buy products or look for information in a blog. People look for more engaged and connected relations that include shared values and a similar sense of humor. The story of Dollar Shave Club is a good example; they’ve made it big despite being a small brand competing with huge ones. 
  • Humorous ads are more impactful. And it is also applicable to the humorous content. Our favorite TV shows are sketch comedies, books we like to re-read are funny, and the blogs we follow are also quite entertaining. 
  • Funny content is more persuasive. It works in marketing when there are no other strong points to promote the product. If it doesn’t revolutionize the industry with its features, it still can be popular because we associate it with funny commercials. 
  • It breaks the ice. This is especially important for ads and marketing. People do not like ads. No one really does except for marketers, I’m sorry guys. Humor helps to break the barrier and create more trust. Even if we don’t like an ad, but it is funny or entertaining, we might just watch it. 
  • It gives free publicity via shares. We all share funny content much more than any other. Sometimes I think that half of the messages in the world are just memes. Or pictures of funny animals that we send our friends with the caption “It’s you!”. When a company creates humor appeal advertising, people are more likely to share it. It is a vast opportunity for attracting a new audience. 
  • Humour in content marketing helps to make a piece of writing more existing. Of course, people come to your blog for information. But it doesn’t mean that you should bore them to death. Any info will be much more appreciated if it is entertaining. No matter how serious is the subject; even Stephen Hawking put a couple of jokes in his books. So you don’t have to run a humor blog to be funny.

Now you probably have a question like “if it is such a winning strategy, why doesn’t everyone use it?” To put it straight – it is not as simple as it seems. 

Risks of Incorporating Humorous Strategy in Business

Humor in marketing or content creation can make or break the deal. A good joke can make you a king of the day, but the bad one can bring down your reputation massively. So for many producers, it’s not worth risking. 

It is also not a one-time solution. The joke should be aligned with the brand and its image. It also needs to be continuous. You cannot put up one funny ad and forget about it. It works best as a permanent strategy. 

Another reason is that business humor isn’t natural for any writer. If you strongly believe that good humor is not about you, think of outsourcing blog writing to experts.

Good to know, jokes do not look as good on paper as they do perform live. Sometimes it looks as if you are trying too hard. Well, the good thing is, when you are writing jokes for a blog, you’ll never hear silence in the audience. You will not find out whether the audience liked the joke or not. Unless your comment section is open. 

1.0 Mutual Cooperation

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2.0 Charges for Services Performed

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3.0 Terms of Payment


We’re sure you understand how important it is as a small business that you pay the invoices that we send you promptly. We’re also sure you’ll want to maintain a positive working relationship and keep the project moving forward, so you agree to stick tight to the following payment schedule.

The total budget for this project: will be determined when we receive a call or mail regarding the number of services you will prefer we offer to you.


You agree to pay our initial (1st) invoice upon receipt which will act as a deposit for the project.

In addition, Twifemmy Digitals reserves the right to stop work until payment is received.

3.2 Cancellation of Plans

You have the right to modify, reject, cancel or stop any and all plans or work in process. However, you agree to reimburse us for all costs and expenses we incurred prior to your change in instructions, and which relate to non-cancelable commitments, and to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless for any liability relating to such action. We agree to use our best efforts to minimize such costs and expenses.

General Provisions


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