Are You Experiencing Traffic Issues That Have Led To Little Or No Leads And Sales In Your Business?

Google Ads Setup and Management

Then All You Need Now Is Twifemmy Media Google Ads Traffic Services.

We Assure You Of a Proven Google Ads System That Has Helped Us To Get As Low As 0.02 Cents Per Click To Our Web Pages Building Over 35,000 Leads To Our Various Businesses.

I'll set up and manage successful Google advertisements that you'll like.

NOTE: This service is only for businesses that are ready to have sales online and are willing to spend money.

I am a former Google Ads support employee for Praxis Studios and I’m passionate about increasing revenue for my clients. 


Because I don’t sell keywords and ad copies, I give advice on what will work to yield results. 

I have a lot of campaigns to build, but I don’t keep count. whatever is necessary to increase the number of clients/sales for your company.


No.I’m not a magician. And in NO circumstance can I be of assistance. However, I assure you a positive outcome and also quality leads if you’re willing to work on your website and your offer with me as we try various ideas and approaches towards getting your right audiences and what interests them about your brand.

Check out my portfolio to see what I mean:

Still, I don’t need your money if you are not satisfied with my work. 


Create advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook to reach more potential customers.

Improve the performance of ads to decrease cost per conversion.

Follow up with your previous website visitors (remarketing ads).

Set up conversion tracking and reporting.

Suggest changes to your website in order to increase the conversion rate.

And more: Analytics setup, Shopping ads, A/B testing…

Do You Have a Lower Budget Than These?


The Ad spend is separate from the service fee. My fees do not include advertising spend. All Google Ads spending will be paid directly to Google with your card.

It’s better to start with a minimal budget before we make sure that ads are profitable, however, to get quite fast results I recommend going with $900 monthly at least.

Yes, if your account is eligible. That means to have a new account (no more than 14 days since the first ad run) and not to use any other promotional codes in the past for current account.


Unfortunately, no one can guarantee sales. I will send relevant targeted traffic to your site that is more likely to convert. You will get more revenue from Google Ads than you spend. But sales also depend on the quality of your website, landing pages, your product/service… prices, and so on.


I am a proponent of fair business and reserve the right to refuse an unethical Google Ads campaign, including those non compliant with laws, regulation, Google policies, affiliate sites and products intended to deceive people, or any campaigns that require approval by Google.


Common questions:

  • Why is my Google AdWords campaign not performing?
  • How many campaigns, ad groups, and keywords should you have?
  • How to analyze and optimize campaign performance?

My goal is to keep your campaign relevant and efficient through:

  1. Understanding your product/service and the campaign objectives
  2. Analyzing and spying on your close competitors and their Google ads
  3. High-quality keywords research, including your competitors
  4. Reviewing the campaign settings, setup, and ad group structure
  5. Reviewing and updating ad copy and ad extensions to convert better
  6. And much more…

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