My Plan To Get Married At Age 26

I had a dream to get married by age 26.

That was because the people around me get married pretty early.

So, I planned to do the same.

Talk about doing stuff simply because others do them – Hian!


I finally found this girl I liked.

She was a beautiful church girl.

She was even in the choir.

Problem is…

She was dating someone when I met her.

But I hung in there.

Eventually, she started warming up to me.

And I thought things were going well.

Until they started going south.

It took me about 3 years to realize WHY she started acting cold.

Her reason was – “I wasn’t someone who had a real job”

Oh well…

I don’t blame her.

She is now married to her pastor’s son though.

A guy with a real JOB.

Meanwhile, I am still here with no real job.

And no real wife.

This email isn’t about getting married early or not getting married.

Either is okay.

It depends on you.

The main point is:

The world has changed.

People don’t need to wear a suit and go to an office to work.

I know a young girl of 25 who just got a remote job that pays her $105k a year.

That is like N5.6m a month.

And her work schedule is 10am – 3am, Mon to Friday.

And she was able to get the job because of 2 things:

1. She wasn’t stuck to the old ways of doing things.

2. She invests into herself by acquiring valuable knowledge and developing skills that are marketable in today’s labour market.

How about you?

What are you doing?

I hope you are not just sitting there waiting for Nigeria to change.

Have a great day!


PS: If one of your goals this year is to improve your income and money game, then get this book and read.

Make that investment into your life.

Author: twifemmy

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