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WhatsApp Automation Course

Welcome to the WhatsApp automation class, for this class, we only need two apps to get started with our automation.

Which are the lucky Patchier and WhatsBulk sender…

The purpose of this course is to increase your WhatsApp status views up to 500 to 2k views in order for you to stand more chances of selling your products online.

It’s my joy that you implement this and see results both in your WhatsApp list and personal finance. 💯

lucky patcher

LUCKY PATCHER APP This app is considered to be a virus and dangerous to your phone by Playstore but it’s not, it’s used to gain access to some premium apps without paying a dime. Which is the purpose of using it.  You have to remove play protect from your app store when you want to use it.

WHATSBULK APP. It a single app that does the functions of 5 different apps within 5mins.

With one click you can👇

🎯Extract group contacts

🎯Autosave bulk contacts

🎯Send messages to over 1k contacts

🎯Boost your contacts

🎯Get more customers

All these with just one app✌️

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