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My 12-year-old son has a YouTube channel. He “disturbed” his mother and I for a couple of years before we granted his request.

He was excited to create one so he could post the videos of himself playing his favourite games on his computer.

He went on to work hard on his channel, told his classmates and everyone he came across. After over a year, he was able to amass…

A Grand Total of FOUR Subscribers.


His younger sister, who I think has a “bad mouth” like me, was not impressed.

Anytime he went around boasting to everyone that he has a YouTube channel with four followers, his younger sister quipped in with a grin on her face and said…

“Technically, You Have Three Subscribers Because I am One of Those Four Subscribers”

Anyway, in December 2020 he made a video thanking his four subscribers for subscribing.

He said he appreciates them and that he has an ambition.

The ambition is that before the end of the month, he wants to have ten subscribers. What an ambition that was. I found it funny so I decided to talk about it on twitter.

Now, if you know me on social media, you would have noticed that I do not like to share the details of my private life.

I don’t show my kids. I don’t want my family to be judged based on their association with me.

I want to keep my parents, siblings, Mrs and children away from my social media issues.
They can build theirs their own way.


I wanted to talk about my son’s YouTube page just for fun without revealing the page.

I wasn’t looking for subscribers for him.

So I made a post talking about the video he made appreciating his four followers and how he is gunning for ten followers.

I did not put the link in the tweet. It was deliberate.

I didn’t want anyone to go there looking for him.

I said to myself that without the link, they wouldn’t be able to find him.

His name on YouTube is not his real name.

He named it after a cartoon character you would never guess.

There is no Alabi in it. His page does not follow mine.

This would be a nice tweet and at the same time, his identity would be protected.

So I tweeted this:

I sent that tweet at 8:43pm. I stayed at the office for about an hour more and went home.

When I got home, my son and his sister were still awake.

They were on holidays and their regular 8pm bedtime was not strictly enforced.

I went to his room and he jumped up excitedly to tell me he now had 280 subscribers.

For someone that was excited about four subscribers (three, according to his sister), you can imagine how excited he would be.

I was pleasantly happy for him and at this time, I didn’t think my tweet had anything to do with it. I felt that the schoolmates, family and friends that he sent the link to shared the link and somehow went a little bit viral.

By the next morning, his subscriber base had grown to over 1,000.

That was when I began to suspect that my tweet must be connected to the sudden rise in his subscription rate and volume so I went back to the tweet.

In the responses, a lot of people were asking me to post the link to his YouTube channel. I ignored.

Then I saw that someone had gone ahead to post it. How the person found it, I am not sure.

He probably went to my own page, saw the channels I was subscribed to, looked at the one that looked like it was run by a kid, checked it out and saw the video where he was thankful for four subscribers.

Others saw the video and went to his page to subscribe.

Within 48 hours, he was on 2,000 subscribers. He was excited.

I was excited for him because in all honesty, I did not hope for this when I tweeted about him but since it has happened, we just have to take the positives and manage the negatives.

I encouraged him to make more videos but he started acting like an adult seeking to make the perfect video. I told him to just be natural and make as many videos as possible but his mother or I must review the videos before posting.

Another check I put in place was that comments must be disabled.

I am not ready to expose him to the evil people out there to comment rubbish.

Anyway, what’s my point? Let’s get back to it.

How did a ten year old boy, with four subscribers on YouTube grow his subscription in less than two days to 2,000?

From my story above, the answer is obvious. It is simply because of…

The Help of An Influencer!

Well, let’s start by trying to define who an influencer is.

My apt definition of an influencer is someone who has a followership and audience that reacts to the content put out by that person.

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If you are a columnist on a popular blog or in a newspaper and you have an audience that reads your articles religiously and responds to what you put out, then you are an influencer.

If you put out an article and tell people to come out and attend an event and people take you up on your offer, you are an influencer.

If you have thousands of followers on social media and there is good engagement when you put out content, then you are an influencer.

If you have a YouTube channel with a lot of subscribers who love you and engage with your content, you are an influencer.

If you have a podcast with rabid listeners, you are an influencer.

And so on.

Listen up!

If you want to quickly sell your products or build your business and brand from ground floor up, your best bet is to use the services of an influencer!

An influencer will make people hear about you or your product almost instantly.

If well done, you can start making sales almost immediately.

But that is if you do it right.

What do I mean?

You see, if you do not know how to go about it, you will only waste money.

You will spend too much money and you will not get your desired result. To get it right, you need to do a few things.

This story is however already long, so I’ll share them with you in my next email.

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