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Travel to the Future

You may recall the Vook’s big appearance in 2009. If not, it’s a type of enhanced e-book that includes movies and other media. Vook is a combination of video and book. Straightforward, nice, and original, no?

Sadly, many readers found the movies and other media distracting, especially while reading fiction. (I could have warned you that a series of random video clips does not assist a reader to immerse himself/herself in a fictitious universe.) Nevertheless, Vook has subsequently shifted to more nonfiction titles and garnered a stronger reaction.

I’m not sure how a Vook differentiates from the Internet.

However! If you thought the Vook was the apex of book/media mash-ups, you thought wrong. Booktrack is a firm that creates soundtracks for books.

Sure, there are soundtracks for books. You may now hear THE SOUNDS OF A FOREST while reading about one. I don’t know, like, birds and everything. You may join in when Bro McLadiesMan starts playing a huge, beautiful power ballad for his lady love. As you reach a particularly suspenseful section, you are treated to movie trailer-style music. &c; &c.; (If you’re interested, there are previews on the Booktrack website.)

The Booktrack pace may also be changed to match your reading speed, so the synchronization between sound effects and text should be adequate.

Be that as it may, I imagine I’ll find Booktrack novels similar to Vooks: over-hyped and annoying. I’m all for field innovation, and I believe it’s critical to the future development of print media, but I’m not sure playing the aural equivalent of a movie trailer in the background is the best method to do this.

However! As always, I’m interested to hear your thoughts. So, my authors, what are your thoughts on the Booktrack experience?

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