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Why is everyone succeeding except me?

When I wake up every morning, I always check my email, and I do see various payment notifications for the products I sell online.

Then I always go back to check how much I made on Feb 25 Nigeria general (election day)

And I made enough money that I could easily buy 10 new iPhones.

That was funny, though.

Because that is one day that everyone and their parents closed their businesses.

But my online businesses work 24/7 and they don’t really need my presence to function.


When I saw that, I remembered a stage in my life when it seemed as if I couldn’t get anything to work.

The year was 2008.


I would open the Success Digest paper that I bought for N100 every week and read it religiously.

I would see story after story of people like me who were making millions online.

At this time in my life, I was making just N2000 – N4000 a month.

So, one evening – after I saw a cockroach inside the egusi soup I bought, I felt so bad and I asked myself:

“Why is everyone succeeding except me?”

Was it a spiritual problem?

How will I live if these things I am trying don’t work?

I could feel my head getting hot just imagining all the terrible situations I would find myself in if I failed.

It also made me realize ONE thing.

I realized that the ONLY way out for me was to WIN!

And I won.

But it wasn’t easy.

My dear, right now, you may be feeling like I did or having similar questions in the back of your mind.

If that is you, then let me tell you what happened when I asked myself that question:

“Why is everyone succeeding except me?”

So, I started thinking on paper like Brian Tracy taught me to do. I still do it today.

After a lot of thinking, I wrote down the following:

The people who are succeeding are doing so because:

(1) They know something I don’t know.

(2) They are doing something I am not doing.

(3) They are doing MORE of something than I am doing.

If you look at these 3 things, you will realize that it starts from:

They know something I don’t know.

It starts with Knowledge.

There is no Wisdom without Knowledge.

So, I set out to FIND what I needed to know to win.

I understood I wouldn’t KNOW everything at the same time.

But I just needed to know what to do to get out of the rut stage I was in.

It would have been better if there was someone like a mentor that I could ask directly.

But there was none.

So, I started paying more attention to what the people who were winning were doing.

The first epiphany I had was the fact that all the winning folks knew how to sell.

And they were all building their list.

So, I focused on those 2 things.

That was in Nov. 2008.

I spent the entire December 2008 building my list and sharpening my selling skills.


By January 2009, I made my first N100k+ a month.

I am sending you this mail because if you are not succeeding as you want, it is because of those 3 things I talked about earlier.

(1) There is something you don’t know that you ought to know

(2) There is something you are not doing

(3) There is something you are not doing enough

It has nothing to do with any village people.

The question is:

Are you willing to keep searching for the answers to succeed?

If you are, then you will find them.

The Bible says:

For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

That is it.

The solution, the information you need is out there inside a book, a video, an email, a coaching session, etc.

You just need to find it.

I hope this article has helped you.


From — Toyin

PS: Have you finally gotten my book that shows you “how to turn yourself into a live breathing cash machine?”

I know you have been making excuses all this while.

Stop the excuses for once and read it today.

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